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Kelly Brianna Clarkson

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[15 May 2005|07:47pm]
Lalala. Updating again, Danny is always making fun of me for writing everything down. I also write songs with him. I wrote my song Dont with him. Most of you have probably have never heard it unless you have been to one of my shows. We are on the tour bus right now driving to tulsa, Arizona. Has anyone ever been there? I hope its nice. I am kind of nervous about this one, I dont know why. I guess just being in a new place, really makes me a little blah. I guess its because of the lack of sleep I also have. haha. Oh well, I love it, I love my fans, theya re great. They give me a bunch of flowers! I think its incredibly sweet. I told the group in tampa though that I felt like I was running a flower shop. It was so cute, and I got a few other things too from fans. I really love them, always there for me. :) Anyways just another rambling, Danny needs to shut up about me writing everything down!! :D.

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[15 May 2005|05:34pm]
Ugh guys I am so exhausted, my new video just came out the other day. Its called Behind These Hazel Eyes. The video can be found on AOL Music, Yahoo Music, and any other music site you can think of. It would be really cool if you all could check it out. I worked really hard on it ;). I am pretty proud of it. I love the colors that we chose for it.*laughs* I am so picky when it comes to that. Anyways, I am also so tired, I am still on tour. I am in a different city every night. Its confusinga at times. I have to make sure I say the right city when I am on stage. haha. I can be forgetful like that ;).

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[15 May 2005|04:08pm]
Hey all this is just an introduction post. Lets see my name is Kelly Clarkson.  I am horrible with introductions. You would thing that being a writer I could do them. *laughs*. Anyways, nothing too important about me, I won the very first american idol :D. I hope some of the contestants have this livejournal thing. I would love to talk to them again!! I  am on tour for my breakaway album, its quiet here on the bus so I figured this would be cool. Also it would help me keep my lyrics in touch by writing them down. I still forget them sometimes yikes. I just made a music video for my behind these hazel eyes. It was so amazing to make. I am so proud of it!! See here I go rambling with all my stuff.. haha. I am just very proud of everything I do and am blessed to have the chance to do them. Anyways, hope to talk to everyone soon!

Kelly B*
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